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49 USC 114 authorizes the collection of this information. The information you provide will be used to qualify you or
verify your status as a possible "known shipper." Providing this information is voluntary, however, failure to provide the
information will prevent you from qualifying as a "known shipper." This information will be disclosed to TSA personnel
and contractors or other agents including IACs in the maintenance and operation of the known shipper program. TSA
may share the information with airport operators, foreign air carriers, IACs, law enforcement agencies, and others in
accordance with the Privacy Act, 5 USC Section 552a. For additional details, see the system of records notice for
Transportation Security Threat Assessment System (DHS/TSA 002) published in the Federal Register.
Consent for search or inspection of the cargo Shipper hereby provides consent for inspection or search of the Cargo by
Global USA Inc. employees or representatives, TSA employees or any other officials authorized to inspect the cargo for
security or any other lawful purposes any time at or after the acceptance of the cargo by Global USA Inc. until final
delivery to the recipient. Global USA Inc. in the context of these Terms and Conditions include all its Agents, Employees
and Affiliates. Shipper's Security Endorsement: I certify that this cargo does not contain unauthorized explosives,
incendiaries, or other destructive substances or items. I am aware that this endorsement and original signature and other
shipping documents will be retained on file for a minimum of 30 calendar days. Other Terms and Conditions,
Declaration, Agreement Shipper understands and agrees that, in case the Cargo, or it delivery gets affected by any
events taken place in connection with transportation of the cargo whether as a Full Container Load or single shipment or
as a consolidation shipment when sharing same transportation mean (ocean vessel, truck, aircraft) or same container,
Global USA Inc. will have no liability for any loss of or damage to the cargo, any transit time delays or final delivery
obligations. These events include but are not limited to: non-payment of import duties, customs fees or legitimate other
taxes at the country of destination, confiscation or hold for security check or other legal purposes by state authorities of
the United States or any transit country or country of destination. Shipper releases Global USA Inc. from any and all
liabilities connected with such events. Global USA Inc. will have no liability for any loss of package contents or any
damage to the cargo during transit. Global USA Inc. will be liable to reimburse the Shipper for packages entirely lost
during transit caused by actions of Global USA Inc. or its agents, employees or affiliates reimbursing the total shipping
fees paid by the Shipper as well as paying compensation to the Shipper $6 per LB of actual weight of the lost cargo but
no more than $100 per lost package. Shipper understands that Global USA Inc. may have offers for insurances for cargo
at it is at shipper's discretion to buy it or not. Shipper also understands that he/she can obtain insurance from any other
legitimate source and not from Global USA Inc suggested vendors. Shipper also understands that the route and means
of the transportation necessary for safe delivery of the cargo are chosen by Global USA Inc. Shipper certifies that the
particulars on the face hereof are correct and that no part of the cargo contains any dangerous goods, medicine, drags,
narcotics or any explosives, guns, ammunitions or other lethal material, jewelry, valuable metals and stones, perishable
items, liquids. Shipper agrees to indemnify Global USA Inc. against any loss, damage, legal proceedings and actions
arising out of any errors, omissions or false statements by the Shipper on the face of this document. Shipper certifies
that weights , dimensions and description of the cargo are correct. Shipper agrees to all terms and conditions and
statements appearing on the face and back of this document. In no case any shipping fee or insurance fees in
connection to the shipment of the cargo will not be reimbursed. Global USA Inc. is not responsible for any customs fees,
duties and charges in the United States and at Destination countries. If destination country laws requires the consignee
to pay duties and customs fees and consignee refuses to pay and custom clear then the cargo will be held at the
customs storage or wherever applicable at Global USA Inc's Agents' storages and additional storage fees will apply for
which Shipper will be ultimately liable if Consignee refuses to pay. Any additional delivery attempt is subject to charge at
Global USA Inc.'s pricing. If Consignee refuses to collect the cargo or our agents' attempts to deliver the cargo fail due to
absence of the consignee at designated address and Shipper refuses to provide alternative recipient information and
cargo remains unclaimed for more than 30 days then Global USA has the right to take possession of the cargo and at its
own discretion decide the future of the content either by destroying or selling the cargo and having the legal right over
the proceeds collected from such sale. In no case this will release the Shipper or Consignee from their liabilities in case
such arise any time in regards with the cargo. Shipper understands that Global USA Inc.'s or its Agents'employees are
not authorized to lift or move any cargo over 60lbs single item/package. Shipper is in agreement with the space
availability terms offered by Global USA Inc. regarding shipping of the cargo to final destination meaning that cargo will
be shipped depending on space availability in Global USA Inc.'s consolidation with other cargo. Shipper releases Global
USA Inc. from any claims regarding date of departure, arrival and/or transit time. Shipping Declaration: Shipper
understands that this declaration and the packing list are official documents for Customs and all other related state
authorities. Any cargo marked P.B.O. means Packed by Owner are solely under responsibility of the Shipper for its
content. In case of any discrepancy between signed declaration and the actual facts the whole responsibility is on
Shippers account. Shipper agrees that Global USA Inc. will not take any financial responsibility for any problems that
may arise due to discrepancies, transit delays, Customs and other state agency examinations, demurrage and or
storage charges involved or any court fees or legal charges. Shipper may cancel shipping of his cargo any time before
the actual shipment. Paid charges are not refundable. Shipper cannot change the recipient if cargo has already been
cleared in customs at destination under the name of the consignee initially provided to Global USA Inc. Shipper also
understands that Global USA Inc. may refuse cancellation of the shipping at any time. Any disputes must be resolved by
negotiations and in case no agreement is reached and case goes to court each party will be liable for its own Attorney
fees. Legislation for any dispute is to be considered laws and regulations of State of California, United States.

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