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The most frequently asked questions about air and sea shipping to Armenia and more.
  • How many items can I send/receive in a month/year? Are there any restrictions ? Do I need to pay a customs fee ?
    Yes, customs duty is imposed on goods worth more than 200,000 AMD and/or weighing more than 30kg. Full information can be found on the website Customs Service of the Republic of Armenia.
  • Do you have a warehouse in my city?
    Our warehouses are located in Burbank and Glendale, but we can pick up your parcel from anywhere in the USA. You should register on our website and indicate your address while sending the parcel.The rest is under our control
  • Can I order goods to your address, and you send them to me?
    Yes, we have an online shopping service.Learn more in our online shopping section.
  • Do you deliver FROM Armenia to the USA?
    Yes, we ship in both ways. You can calculate the price by selecting the “From Armenia” tab on the main page calculator and filling in the package size & weight.
  • What types of goods can’t be transported?
    Dangerous or prohibited items are: - Weapons, ammunition, firearms, gas, throwing, signal, pneumatic, cold electroshocks and extracts of dangerous substances / narcotic drugs, psychotropic, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, flammable and other poisonous animals and plants. - Cash - Perishable goods: items that, by their nature or packaging, may cause damage to postal service providers, contaminate postal items and postal equipment. A complete list of prohibited goods can be found here.
  • How long will it take for my package to arrive?
    By air, it usually takes 10-11 working days to ship the parcel By sea, about 45-60 working days.
  • May I send documents (passport, birth certificates, etc.)?
    No, it’s not allowed to send any documents (including expired ones).
  • Where is my parcel / How can I track the parcel?
    For tracking your parcel you need to log in to the website and enter your tracking ID in the line of the site header. As a result you’ll see where your package is.
  • Can you pick up the package from my house?
    Yes, our courier can come and pick up your parcel from your address.
  • Do you ship parcels by air or by sea?
    We deliver parcels in both ways. Learn more here: sea delivery and air delivery
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